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Elite Travel

Elite Travel Program

Our Elite Travel program is the pinnacle program for volleyball players looking to play at the highest junior level and prepare for the collegiate level.  This program involves extensive training 3 days a week and travel from the local area to other states.  Our program is designed to maximize the players opportunities to be seen by collegiate coaches and train at the highest level.  Beach Elite is a widely recognized club among the collegiate coaches and this brings another level of recognition to our players.  This recognition brings collegiate coaches into our facility during practices to see Beach Elite players first hand as well as at tournaments.  Players in the Elite Travel program will work with our Director of Recruiting to ensure they are educated on the recruiting process, build their profiles, create their videos and actively reach out to college coaches. Younger players in our Elite Travel program will train and compete at a level that prepares them for the skills necessary to compete at the older age groups while competing to earn a spot on a collegiate team upon graduation.  Our Elite Travel is not limited to only those looking to play in college and we welcome anyone wanting to compete and travel to tryout. 

Why Beach Elite?

Comparing clubs is not an apples to apples comparison. While cost is a major factor, there are many intangibles that Beach Elite offers that others do not. Some key differences between Beach Elite and others are:

1. Technical Standards - We have established Technical Standards that all coaches train from . This manual establishes standards in what is taught in each position. What this means for our members is that players who stay with Beach Elite, progress faster. They are not being taught a different way to do certain skills each year. There are standards set from 11s - 18s that are simply built upon each year.  Additionally, all queue words and net numbering systems are consistent through all age groups. This allows coaches to begin proper training for their age group without having to reteach specific skills. 

Coaches continuously attend internal training to review these standards and share ideas in training. Additionally, Beach Elite provides external training opportunities for our coaches to include CAP training, AOC training and more. 

2. Player Feedback - Beach Elite provides players with formal evaluations throughout the season. 3x a season, players are given a Player Feedback Form which identifies key areas for improvement, strengths and coaches commitments towards helping the player improve. These evaluations are done in a one on one setting with the player and coaches and is done by all age groups. 

3. Staff - Beach Elite has over 30 coaches in our Girls Junior Program with backgrounds in the Middle School, High School, club and collegiate levels. With such a large staff, it provides over 30 resources for our players to reach out to. 

4. Specialty Sessions - Specialty sessions are conducted once a week before practices and allows coaches from all teams to come in and work with players based on the position being trained during that session. Additionally, Beach Elite Technical Standards are enforced and queue words are used so that the player is hearing and seeing the same technical standards from their coach as they are with Specialty Session Coaches.

5. Recruiting Assistance - Our Recruiting Director and coordinator meet with every player and parent interested in being looked at for the collegiate level and educates them on the recruiting process. Additionally, we host film sessions for players, develop their player profiles with video and manage the Beach Elite YouTube channel with player skill and game footage. Beach Elite players are given access to the online recruiting information page where they can view collegiate watch lists and  recruiting education documents. 

6. Investments - We are changing and change means progress and ensuring we are providing the absolute best for our athletes. We are continuously looking at investment opportunities for our players and coaches. These include numerous training opportunities for our coaches to ensure they stay in the know of current trends in coaching, strengthen current teaching skills and network with other clubs, colleges and organizations. 

Additionally, Beach Elite invests in training equipment and technology that many others simply do not, like Powercore 360 equipment and certification. We utilize technology to provide post match reviews along with immediate on court review through above court recording, team ipads, hudl and coaches eye systems. 

7. Financial Know - We provide each member a budget at the beginning of the season. This is inclusive of everything, including uniforms (jerseys, spandex, shoes, backpack, shorts, warm-ups, practices shirts and more), coaches fees and all extra member benefits such as recruiting support, specialty sessions and etc. Beach Elite is the most cost beneficial club in the area with the most offerings.

Beach Elite prides itself in providing the best facilities, equipment, coaches, training and overall player benefits at the areas most reasonable cost. Our pricing includes all costs with exception of transportation (airfare, van rental and etc) as we look to minimize these costs by allowing parents to use their own means of transportation or reward points to pay for such travel. Our pricing is inclusive of all other costs including: coaching stipends (including specialty sessions. Includes both head and asst coach, coaches allowances for overnight tournaments, hotels, apparel (uniforms (3), shoes, backpack, spandex (3), practice shirts, pullovers and more), administrative fees, recruiting services (including film sessions), coaches parking fees and any equipment.

Beach Elite covers the cost of court rentals, tournament entry fees for all members, including Nationals along with other expenses as determined each season (example: coaches airfare, apparel and etc). Therefore, our members are not being billed for "extra" things during the season.

Below are the budgets per player for the current season. All accounts are reconciled at the end of the season to determine the actual costs. Any monies paid over the reconciled amounts are then refunded back to our members.  

Budgets are inclusive of apparel package, coaches fees, administrative fees, training, equipment, tournament fees and hotels. This includes for Nationals. Costs are paid over a period of 10 months. Below budgets are based on the 2021-2022 season and number of players on team, represented in ().

12B: $2642.50(11)

13B: $3304.72(9)

14B: $3300.28(9)

14R: $3146.94(9)

15B: $3394.75(10)*

15R: $3362.25(10)*

16B: $4193.86(11)*

16R: $3428.75(10)*

17B: $3760.21(12)*

17R: 4121.26 (12)*

18B: $3802.95 (11)*

18R: $3847.75 (10)*

*15s includes hotels costs for coaches in addition to players for National Qualifiers. 16s – 18s includes hotel costs for players and coaches for all overnight stay tournaments.