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2018-2019 Coaching Staff

By Admin, 07/09/18, 2:15PM EDT


2018-2019 Season Coaching Staff announced!

2019 Season Staff

We are pleased to announce our coaching lineup for the 2018-2019 season. As in the past, we have always focused on ensuring that teams maintain 2 coaches per team to maximize the coaching our athletes receive. While some will look for opportunities to expand on the number of teams they field, we continue to focus on the quality of coaching provided. This year, we have 41 coaches with more club and collegiate playing and coaching experience than any other club. That's 41 available resources for our players! With 41 coaches, we look to expand on the coaching provided to our athletes while continuing the best success rate in collegiate placements.

11 Black - Amber Wood, Alyssa Larson, Chase Caudell
12 Black - Erin Paton, Allie Luck, Lauren Topper
13 Black - Danny David, Meghan Peji, Sarah Brush
13 Red - Matt Ammons, Anita Ludovici, Todd Gunkel
14 Black - Jason Seaford, Torey Garin
14 Red - Steve Spencer, Brett Garner
15 Black - Yolanda Roberts, Paul Campbell, Doneisha Hall
15 Red - Doug Towle, Vicci Ford
16 Black - Ivan Domenech, Jaclin Edwards, Taylor Hechinger, Michaela Profitt
16 Red - Manuel Godino, Sam Winfield, Sam Francis
17 Black - Stephanie Puett, Alex Lambert, Kara Branz
18 Red - Amber Matalus, Alyssa Taylor
18 Black - Tonya Boser, Kelsey Deporto, John Winfield

15s/16s Technical Coach - Zach Walden
18 Red Technical Coach - Mike Roberts
14s Technical Coach - Randy West
Float Coaches:
Tommie Jo David
Paul Creecy

Come out and Meet our staff on July 19th and learn more about us including changes for the upcoming season. Some exciting information will be shared! 
15s - 18s: 6-7pm @ Field House
11s - 14s - 7-8pm @ Field House