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Open letter

By Beach Elite Volleyball, 07/25/16, 8:45AM EDT


Letter from a player

Beach Elite continues to place the players success before club success. We look at and strive to meet the longer term goals for players versus the short term results that many feel define a club. We stick to our philosophies when others change theirs to secure what they believe are the best players. This commitment has helped many girls achieve their goals and dreams. Below is a letter from a former Beach Elite player who, over the course of 6 years moved back and forth between playing on a Black team and Red team. Through this process, she entrusted in Beach Elite and the decisions made. Brianna is now playing for UVA-Wise and is a much respected player by the entire staff and teammates. Below is her story. Thank you Brianna for sharing!

An Open Letter to someone who did not get the results they expected,

Be committed, Be passionate, Be disciplined, Be fearless, Be ELITE: Six seasons later and I know that saying like the back of my hand and that saying has shaped me into the player I have become.

I remember walking into Beach Elite tryouts the summer before the seventh grade when I was barley twelve years old. Overwhelmed and out of place only begin to explain how I was feeling in a gym full of strangers. I remember looking around and questioning why I was there. I felt lost. However, that changed quickly. Even after the few days of tryouts, I felt at home.

To my surprise, I made the black team my first year. My first year of club was unforgettable. My teammates became my best friends, and my coaches became my biggest supporters. We dominated every tournament. I could not have asked for a better team for my first season of club ball.

When the next season rolled around, I expected to make the black team again. However, I learned (quickly) that unfortunately making the black team one year did not guarantee my spot on the black team the next season. I went from being on a team that did not drop one set in a tournament to being on a team that would be lucky to win a couple of sets in a tournament. Trust me, I was devastated when I found out that I did not make the black team and even more devastated when it happened again two seasons later. I went from black to red for 4 seasons. However, looking back, my two seasons spent on the red teams were my best seasons. I grew the most those years. Being on the red team humbled me and gave me the reality check I needed. I worked harder those years because I always felt like I had something to prove, even if it was just myself. The two years I spent on the red team taught me about leadership and hard work. They helped mold me into the player that I have become.

Sticking with Beach Elite gave me the stability and support I needed. I had the chance to form a bond with the other players at the club, their parents, and of course the coaches and staff of Beach Elite. No matter what team I was on, I had the best support system in the world. Beach Elite coaches/staff will not let you fail. They will support you in everything you do and be there to help you whenever they can. The coaches only want to see you learn, grow, and succeed. Beach Elite took a scared, out of place 12 year old girl and turned her into a committed, passionate, disciplined, and fearless player. Even though sometimes things were not easy, I could not imagine my life without staying at Beach Elite for the 6 seasons I did. Beach Elite gave me a home away from home and a second family. My life would not be the same without the teammates, coaches, and parents that I met along the way. One day, you will look back at this and be glad you stayed. For now, just hang in there.

Someone who has been there