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By Admin, 05/21/24, 10:15PM EDT


For 19 years Beach Elite has been the leader in high performance volleyball in the area and one of the top clubs in the state. We set out with a mission to be one of the most recognized clubs in the nation, bringing the attention of collegiate coaches to our players while elevating the caliber of volleyball in our region. Beach Elite is continuously seeking how we continue to grow the level of volleyball in our area and our region in order to compete against teams nationally. In doing this, we realize we have to be able to bring the best players and coaches together along with the best in leadership who can continue to drive this initiative. Beginning next season, Beach Elite and Club 757 will join forces to move forward in achieving this goal. While this is not an overnight decision and one which has been in discussion for a while, it has been important for us to always partner with those of integrity, a focus on athlete first and a vision for bettering the game. Bringing together the leadership of both clubs along with the combined years of successfully leading volleyball in the area from youth to adults, we feel this is a great opportunity to bring the highest level of training to the players in Hampton Roads/North Carolina while bringing together the best players to compete on a national level.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Beach Elite over the last 19 years and has help to shape us into who we are. We are forever grateful for all that our coaches and staff have done over the years. We look forward to the great opportunities to come through this partnership for all players in our area!